Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Great Pumpkin

Happy Halloween!

I've been looking for a bone suit for ages. My brother has always wanted one. Which in turn made me want on too! Last week we saw a bone suit in the Target add. Naturally I insisted that we take a drive to target to pick one up! This gem is a union suit. It's even got a butt opening for easy bathroom breaks. Not sure what use that truly has here in Oz. People don't go ice fishing, or snowmobiling. But in any case I love it all the more for the glorious butt opening. The bones also glow in the dark. It's too legit to quit.

Here's our pumpkin pre carving. People don't typically care pumpkins here. Halloween isn't nearly as big as it is in the States. This was Paul's first pumpkin carving, and our first together. We only bought one. Next here I'll make him carve one of his own. We didn't have any appropriate pumpkin carving knives. Luckily, I worked the day we did the carving. So I 'borrowed' some steak knives from work. The were way better than using butcher knives!

He did not like the feeling of the guts on the inside. But he didn't mind the carving so much.

We gave our pumpkin some heart eyes and a heart nose with a cheeky smile. Of course on Halloween last night none of our matches would lite. It's a good thing we lit it the night we carved, and yesterday afternoon. It was insanely windy last night anyway. So if we had it lit outside it would have blown out right away. 

We also cooked some of the seeds. Paul wasn't very impressed with how they tasted. But they reminded me of childhood Halloweens, so I loved them!

Unfortunately, we didn't get any trick or treaters last night. I was hoping to see some cute costumes. But I've been getting a fair fix of cute costumes from facebook. We also tried to buy Hocus Pocus on itunes last night, but it was unavailable. Big bummer....however, we did find it available at a store down the road. So today I'll be begging Mr. Forsyth to take me there. We don't have any plans the rest of the week, and it's a good feeling. Next week we're headed out of town again, and the week after we'll be USA bound!

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