Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Spring is in the air!

Spring has sprung in Melbourne!
We've been spending the first few days of spring out enjoying the weather. We've gone for a nice walk almost everyday this week. The first day of spring was absolutely perfect! The sun was shining & there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Most everyones yards have beautiful flower bushes. It's hard for me not to take a picture of nearly every flower I walk past. 

Just after grocery shopping we were able to take in this glorious sunset.
The sun was so bright.

While Mr. Forsyth was out on a jog the other day, I took in the air & read a book. 

   We've managed to get my bike ready to ride & take a short bike ride around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, bike helmets are mandatory here. So, sooner vs. later we'll need to get me a bike helmet & Paul a new helmet. The outer shell of his helmet fell off! Now he's riding around with a white styrofoam helmet. It's a site to be seen! 

This weekend we're headed to one of the first games of the Australian Football League Finals. Dockers vs. Cats. The Dockers are Pauls team-their from Fremantle, Western Australia. The Dockers don't typically make it to the finals, & they don't often play in Melbourne either. This should be an enjoyable game for Paul. We're also going to do a tour of the Melbourne Cricket Ground before the game. It's been around for at least 100 years. I'm actually quite excited. Footy is super entertaining, much more than American Football-No pads, continued running, an oval field, and short shorts! 

That's all for now. We're watching the Goonies & this blog is interrupting my entertainment.

xo, Meaghan


  1. So the outer shell of bike helmets are only for show!! Our man Freddy is not one for show, only practicality! Also, your comment 'This should be an enjoyable game for Paul', I'm sure he has regaled the tale of last time the dockers played the cats at the 'g in a least this time YOU will be wearing the Freo scarf Mrs Forsyth knitted!

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